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We are Celebrating 25 years in Direct Mail.

Why you are still better off using Sapphire for your mailing

Direct mail done well can find you new customers or clients and for 25 years we have been showing the way mailing can be done well. Targeted mailshots can help you keep your existing clients informed of any news or promotions that you are running or if you just want to reassure or remind former contacts that you are still in business posting a mail message is the answer. Using a mailing house to send them some post with your message or information is by far the most cost effective way of getting your message to the people who need to see it.

Some ways that we can help you with your mailing.

a picture of a stamp and a postmarkWe are a mailing house who, wherever you are situated in the UK, can help you with every aspect of your direct mail or advertising mail campaign.
a picture of a stamp and a postmarkWe can print or arrange printing of your project at preferential rates saving you time, effort and ultimately money.
a picture of a stamp and a postmarkSave money by using us for your bulk post, We get postage discounts through economies of scale and our access to the cheapest rates which we pass directly on to you.
a picture of a stamp and a postmarkBecause every job or direct mail campaign is different we always take a lot of care ensuring that every job gets the best quote possible. We will endeavor to offer tips and practical help to maximize the success of every project.
a picture of a stamp and a postmarkDirect mail has been consistently proved to be the most cost effective form of marketing. It has stood the test of time and done properly the success rate cannot be beaten.
 Angel of the northSapphire is one of the UK’s leading providers of national direct mailing and fulfilment services. With over 25 year’s experience we provide a complete solution to all your mailing needs. Because of this we are confident that we understand the business of direct marketing and fulfilment better than most.

We can advise you on the most cost effective methods, and make your marketing budget go further and achieve more than before.Penshaw monument

We currently mail out more than 30 million items per year and because we deliver on our promises our clients continue to come back year after year.

Our attention to detail means that your campaigns will run as problem free as possible. We know that price is important to you but value for money has to be backed up with good customer service.

25 years of innovation in Direct Mail