Getting the best from effective direct mail campaigns

Direct mail is popular with savvy businesses and marketers. It’s inexpensive, but still effective.

Target your ideal customers – The old direct mail way was mass marketing: “Send your mailshot to as many people as you can; someone will be sure to bite.” The problem is, paper and postage costs continue to increase. With so much mail ignored you need to find out as much as you can about your best customers and build a list of similar people.

Use the right mailing list – There are a few different categories of mailing lists available, ranging in cost and relevance for your market. When you are working out what mailing list to buy consider the following types.

1Cloned list (find customers similar to your best current customers).

2Custom list (select the customer type that suits your purpose).

3Speciality list (identify and select your target audience).


Decisions come from Emotion, Reasons come Second – When putting together your direct mail piece try not to fall into a bullet-pointed, 100 reasons pitch. Most people decide to buy a particular product or service based on emotion. Then they justify that decision with logic. To increase your chances of success, first appeal to emotion. Then use logic to try to close the sale.

Using classic Techniques that work is ok! – Just as there are no marketing techniques that work in every circumstance, some will work and some won’t:
1. A yes or no offer will usually work better than an offer without a no choice.
2. A time limited offer usually works better than an offer with no time limit.
3. Gift’s will usually work better than a discount. More so when the gift is useful to your prospect.
4. Always promote the benefits because that works better than highlighting the features.
5. Envelope mail will usually work better than self-mailers.The sun shines on the future of direct mail

Are you doing Direct marketing (Hybrid marketing)? – Direct marketing includes email marketing and advertising whereas Direct mail generally just uses the postal system. Every direct marketing message normally would include the same parts. An offer with enough information for an immediate decision and a way of responding to the offer. If any part of this is missing, you are not doing direct marketing and depending on your end goal you are reducing your chances of success.

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