Direct Mail / Mailings

Successful direct mail campaigns rely on good data. We can either supply you with a relevant list of contacts or we can work with your list. To save you money we can de-duplicate and remove gone aways and non deliverable addresses.
High Speed Automated Envelope Enclosing
Our envelope enclosing machines are capable of over 15,000 items per hour with up to 6 items per envelope. This is ideal for large volume mailings or for same day turnaround of smaller mailings. Speak to us before ordering your envelopes, we can save you £££’s.
High Speed Automated Polywrapping
Ideal for magazines, brochures, multiple inserts and other forms of direct mail. Our polywrap machines are capable of 2headspolywrapping 40,000 A4 items per day. We can polywrap single magazines, with or without address carriers or more complex enclosures with multiple inserts to give a professional and clean look to your magazine or brochure. . Printed poly with your logo or message on is no problem, and if you haven’t done it before, we will source it for you.
Hand Enclosing and matching
Our team of experienced hand enclosers, gives you the ability to ensure quality on any mailings which cannot be machine enclosed. They can hand enclose a mailing of unusual shape, size or packaging, or match items which cannot be matched by OCR readers. We can also collate items and operate a pick and pack system when required.
We will store your stock free of charge in our 14000 square foot warehouse, where we have dedicated client storage areas, stock control systems and regular stock checks, and keep you informed of stock levels, and top up requirements. This will enable you to take advantage of volume discounts in your purchasing of paper and printed matter.