Is fear holding you back?

Fright is an emotion that we all share.

Fear comes in many flavours and in business it could unconsciously be holding you back. It can keep you from doing something that could be of great benefit to you or your company. Everyone fears something. Fearing failure is common but fearing embarrassment, humiliation, loss, pain, looking foolish or even fearing success can be a problem.

Most people think that the fear must be overcome before moving forward is possible, thus lowering the chances of action ever happening. The truth is that it is unlikely that you are easily going to overcome feeling scared so a different approach is necessary.

Hiding under the table

For example if you see a very attractive person across the room and you want to talk to them.

Your heart is going to feel like it’s somewhere between skipping a few beats and feeling like it’s going to burst. You don’t have a choice to be afraid or not, your choices are to either be afraid and frozen or scared and moving. You cannot approach without feeling it so you do it while you are afraid.

Professional Survivor ‘Bear Grylls’ once said “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.”

Clergyman Douglas Horton said that “Action cures fear, inaction creates terror.”

The truth from all this is that fear is seldom overcome. It is merely faced. Never assume that all who succeed or win have conquered their fears. Sometimes they bravely take action in spite of their fears.

If you want to find new customers or increase your business, a bold move would be to ignore the fear and explore what direct mail can do to help you succeed.

Police officers run towards trouble, firemen run into burning buildings and soldiers head towards the battle. If you think they are not scared then you should think again.

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