question-mark940x200What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a way of contacting people in which business’s can mail printed adverts, letters, brochures or other information to large groups of targeted people. If a mailing house such as Sapphire is used, the quantity of mail generated in total means that mail rates can be substantially cheaper and are used to lower the cost of the mailing. (Economies of scale)

Is direct mail dead?

Direct mail is very far from being dead. It has been and still is changing and improving. It has become more effective by developing a more targeted approach at the same time as embracing and coordinating different levels of integration with digital media such as QR codes, email and focused landing pages.

What is a Targeted List?

Targeted mailing lists are the usual starting point and are used to maximize potential response. It is true that the better the mailing list, the better the response. The mailing house (Sapphire) can usually either help you obtain the best list for your mailout or at least point you in the direction of a trustworthy list company who can provide one for you. The best list to help you get started is always the list of contacts or customers that you already should have.

What does downstream access mean?

By generally being cheaper than the Royal mails equivalent services, downstream access usually saves you money. As well as saving on price, It also gives you a faster turnaround. Downstream access providers can get your mailings to Royal Mail and and well on the way to being delivered in just 2 or 3 days. Downstream access mail is more trackable. When your mail leaves us, each sack of mail is tracked to the relevant royal mail depot therefore if there is an issue with response or queries regarding non delivery it is easier to prove that the mail is actually on its way.

We utilise the largest downstream providers and so will pass on the cheaper prices and knowledge we have learned. Contact us for more information.